If you're interested in our garden, please fill out the general interest form below.

More information on our plot sizes and prices can be found on the About Page

General Interest Form

Background Check

Our garden is located on public school grounds and therefore a background check is required for any adults that will be spending a significant amount of time in the garden (i.e. once a week or more). Before applying for your plot, please submit a background check using the following link: https://app.sterlingvolunteers.com/en/Candidates/Account/Register


You will be prompted to create an account and will then be directed to the background check page. Enter the DUG “Good Deed Code” hl09rjl in the appropriate box. Hit “Continue” to complete the background check steps. South Lakewood Elementary community garden is new and has not been added to the DUG website. Please select Eiber or Rose Stein as your garden and we will make sure you're assigned to South Lakewood. The background check will cost $12 per person and will be paid in your plot application, which will be sent after the background check is complete.

Plot Application

Please fill out the following plot application form to reserve your plot.

English: https://diginwithdug.force.com/s/plot-application-english?language=en_US

Spanish: https://diginwithdug.force.com/s/plot-application-spanish?language=es

Reminders from DUG:

  • Each household must complete a plot application, even if you are sharing a plot. The fees can be divided between the two participating parties.
  • PLOT FEE is money that goes to your garden (amount varies by garden plot).
  • DUG DUES is money that goes to DUG ($25).
  • School gardens require background checks (the fee is $12). This is required of every adult who will spend significant amount of time in the garden (i.e. weekly).


  • If paying by cash or check, make checks payable to DUG and give the money to your garden leader with a note that includes your name and a breakdown of your fees (example: "John Smith, $30 plot + $25 DUG + $12 background check).
  • If paying by Venmo, please make sure to pay @DUG-acctg. Enter the total amount as shown on the plot app. In the “What is it for?” section, please write your garden name (South Lakewood Elementary) and a breakdown of your fees. For example: "South Lakewood Elementary Garden, $30 plot + $25 DUG + $12 background check).
  • If paying by credit card, enter your information and then click the CHARGE button below the info fields. If the Charge button is disabled, click or tap somewhere outside of the fields to enable it. You will see a big green check mark if your card has been processed. See image below for reference.

*** IMPORTANT, After processing your payment, YOU MUST CLICK NEXT, at the bottom of the screen to finish and submit your plot application!**

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